42: The million dollar coin. Investing now

42: The million dollar coin. Investing now.

With hardly two weeks on the market, 42 is already one most expensive and rarest coins known to man. With a super rare 42 coins ever going to be mined has placed this coin basically “to the moon.” When launched on Cryptsy

42 started off at basically 300 Bitcoin per 1 coin, soon to skyrocket to 1,600 Bitcoin per in just a few short hours!

With such a huge scarcity of this coin, the price has reached amazing heights in just the short time it’s been on the market, did I mention not even a full coin has been mined? The profit potential of this coin is outstanding, and I will definitely be slowly investing my profits into as much 42 coin as I can get. Who knows how high the price will truly get one day. Just look at Bitcoin as an example. Tips for trading 42:

If you haven’t heard of 42, you can visit their website to download your wallet, or respectively visit their forum announcement on Bitcointalk, you can contact the admin on there also: Hendo.

Trading 42 is quite tricky, being such a scarce rare coin with hardly any on the market, the price is highly volatile. Possessing the potential to rise or drop almost 100 bitcoin easily can yield some unfavorable results. At the moment the price seems to be stabilizing, but at the sign of demand it can quickly jump back up to 1,500 + Bitcoin per. Here’s a few tips to help you grow your 42 amount:

Look at the current buy order prices, always put your buy it price within one or two of the current buy prices.

Be sure to amount in the fees when creating a sell order.

When creating sell orders, if you profit from the current lowest sale price, place it one lower for a quick sale. If it’s the lowest price, and the next lowest is a + 10 in price jump, set your price in the middle.


Purchased: 0.00001727 42 @ 990.00000007 BTC = 0.01709730 BTC

Sold: 0.00001727 42 @ 1000.00000000 BTC = 0.01721819 BTC

Profit: 0.00012089 BTC

Purchased: 0.00001771 42 @ 970.00000000 BTC + 0.00000044

42 This is a method for users who don’t have larger bankrolls to buy and sell 42, or any other atlcoins for that matter. If you have more money to spend you’ll definitely have greater gains. I’m just your average Joe, so profit is profit to me, especially if that profit is in the form of lucrative stock such as cryptocurrencies. In my opinion 42 at the moment is an iffy investment unless you’re constantly trading, get in while you can and make some quick gains. As for holding it for long term, this might be risky as more is mined and the value corrects itself.

Unique features:

42 Second transactions.

Super rare, 42 total coins.

As of right now there really aren’t too many features or services that are included with 42, but being new I’m definitely sure there is more to come. I anticipate what comes out next!