Financial Freedom For All

Financial Freedom For All

Blocvault, a truly unique opportunity

Over the past 5 years I’ve been investing in crypto on exchanges and Defi. Recently I’ve been looking for a project that can bring me sustained returns even when the market enters a bear run. In my Defi search I was rugged by more projects than I would like to admit. That was until I found the Blocvault ecosystem and their latest module that lets you generate passive income!

The team is different from other projects because there is no false hype and no empty promises. A utility is developed and is ready at launch. Too many projects launch a token and then there is an agonising wait for utility if it comes at all. Not with Blocvault. Build it first then bring the hype.

What is the Blocvault ecosystem?

Blocvault is a fully doxxed public registered company in the UK. They are building a series of independent modules that revolve around a central token (BLVT token). Each module through the use of smart contracts will have buybacks of the BLVT token. The Ecosystem will be a one stop shop for investors and project alike to buy, sell, swap, invest or launch a token.

The first module that has been developed and delivered is Blocvest which has the BVST token.

What is Blocvest

Blocvest can deliver sustainable passive income through the innovative 3 vault system. The different vaults allow investors to tailor their returns to suit their investment strategy.

To make this sustainable Blocvest has put the following measures in place

A treasure contract
Anti whale tax
Limited supply of gold and platinum NFTs
Limited number of trickle vault claims
A max deposit limit on trickle vault
A max compound total on trickle vault

Trickle Vault-
The principal is simple, The longer you compound the bigger it gets. Withdraw or compound at the starting rate of 0.50% every 24hrs. If you want larger rates of return you can purchase NFT boosts.

Bronze –     .75%
Silver-     1%
Gold-     1.5%
Platinum-    2%

You are limited to 365 claims in the trickle vault to make it sustainable but if you compound 6 days and claim on the 7th it’ll take you 7 years to deplete your wallet. The returns are mind blowing

Shareholder Vault-

The Shareholders vault is tied directly to token taxes. A staggering 50% of all Buy & sell taxes is directly converted to BUSD and added to this vault. Earn passive income month on month by harvesting your BUSD share on the first day of each month. Vault unlocks 3 months after initial deposit. Dollar value of deposit reclaimable if you choose to exit. Watch your investment grow with mass token adoption over time.

Accumulator Vault-

We all save to accumulate but it’s the REWARDS that count. Accumulator is a crypto Worlds first 5/1 or 20% interest rewards vault. Choose from weekly by weekly or monthly deposits and earn 20% monthly as you do so. Release your tokens for use on other vaults or sell them to take profits. Participants can release the first instalment once they deposit the second instalment over and over again while gaining an HUGE 20% reward monthly.

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay