How to use proxy servers when participating in token presales

How to use proxy servers when participating in token presales

Buying tokens before they are listed on exchanges is an opportunity to make a profit by increasing the price of a crypto asset. Using, for example, Russian static proxies increase the chances of buying tokens with growth potential.

One of the ways to generate income in the cryptocurrency industry is to participate in tokensales, pre–sales of crypto assets of various projects before they appear on cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms.

Platform Limitations

Most of the sites for holding tokensales have a set of rules that impose restrictions on users. For example:

  • Maximum purchase threshold. It may differ for different projects, and no more crypto assets can be purchased through one account on the platform than is established by the rules of the platform.
  • The volume of tokens sold. The total number of crypto assets of the project that can be purchased as part of the pre-sale is limited. Tokens can be obtained by those users who managed to buy them.
  • Conditions of increased demand. In the event that the number of requests for the purchase of tokens exceeds the number of offers, the platform can distribute crypto assets among all investors randomly.

Based on the working conditions of many specialized platforms, users who are able to monitor the situation with the tokensale and submit purchase requests on time have the greatest chances of receiving crypto assets. However, even in this case, the number of tokens that can be purchased for one account registered on the platform is limited by the pre-sale rules and the distribution system of crypto assets in case of increased demand.

At the same time, the rules of the platform usually prohibit working with multiple accounts linked to the same IP address. In case of violation of the rule, all associated user accounts are blocked. You can always try a proxy server trial account to make sure it’s convenient.

Image by Tung Nguyen from Pixabay