How can I buy genuine Bitcoin?

Those who wish to trade Bitcoin anonymously can buy Bitcoins physically and thus own “real” Bitcoins. Generally, the physical purchase of Bitcoin is somewhat more complex than buying Bitcoin using a CFD or Certificate. To buy “real” Bitcoin, you need a so-called wallet. A wallet is a digital wallet and is similar in function to a classic checking account. The reason: With your own wallet you can make transfers and receive Bitcoins in return. However, unlike a normal money transfer, you can send the digital currency Bitcoin directly from person to person without an intermediary like a bank. This means that the fees are usually much lower than for normal bank transfers.

Another advantage of the Bitcoin Wallet: You can easily buy Bitcoins on different portals and then combine them in your Bitcoin Wallet. Bitcoin Wallets that you can use on your smartphone are particularly practical. But you can also use a Wallet via a PC, laptop or tablet.

To open a Bitcoin Wallet

Decide on a wallet of your choice and download it to the desired end device. Watch out: Secure your Bitcoin Wallet with a strong password, only then are your Bitcoins safe from hackers. You need the wallet password for each transaction.

Buy physical Bitcoin – three ways

How do I buy real Bitcoins? This is a question many investors ask themselves who want to participate in the performance of the cryptocurrency. We have already told you that you need a so-called Bitcoin wallet to physically buy Bitcoin. To ensure that the Bitcoins end up in your wallet, you can buy “real” Bitcoin in various ways. The best ways to buy real Bitcoin are presented below.

Buy Bitcoin via Bitcoin Marketplaces

One way to purchase genuine Bitcoins is to buy them through a so-called Bitcoin marketplace. On this marketplace you can easily trade Bitcoin with other crypto fans, the price is determined by supply and demand.

How does buying Bitcoin via a marketplace work? Registered Bitcoin merchants post their Bitcoin offers for purchase or sale on crypto marketplaces. This means that you as a buyer can always see who offers how many Bitcoins at what price.  If you want to know how to buy Bitcoin in UK or from a merchant of your choice, you must accept the offer as a registered user. The purchase price for the purchased Bitcoins will then be transferred to the seller’s bank account. In return, you will receive the purchased Bitcoins as digital data for your wallet.

Before trading Bitcoins via a marketplace, it is best to get an overview of the trading fees. Depending on the marketplace, the operators charge different fees for the exchange, for the deposit and for the withdrawal of the money. Normally this fee is relatively low and buyer and seller each pay half of the Bitcoin fees.

Our recommendation:
In order to trade Bitcoin via a marketplace, you should choose a platform and evaluate costs, offer and security. Keep in mind that opening an account including PostIdent or VideoIdent takes some time – depending on the exchange rate, this can cost you a few euros.

Trade real Bitcoin via Bitcoin exchanges

Another way to buy “real” Bitcoins is through special Bitcoin exchanges. Some of the best-known trading exchanges for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin prices on the various exchanges can sometimes vary widely, so you should choose your exchange with care.  What is the difference between a Bitcoin marketplace and a Bitcoin exchange? On a Bitcoin marketplace, trades are processed manually, whereas Bitcoin trading on crypto exchanges is automated.

How to buy real coins via a Bitcoin Exchange: Specify on the Bitcoin Exchange how many coins you want to buy and at what rate. If the Bitcoin Exchange finds a suitable offer, it will buy the Bitcoins on your behalf and then credit them to your customer account. To make the transaction particularly easy, you should choose a stock exchange where you can pay with credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard.

Selling Bitcoin via a Bitcoin exchange is also easy: Simply place your offer for sale on the Bitcoin exchange of your choice i.e. the guide How to buy on Binance? If someone buys your Bitcoins at the price you have indicated, the amount will be credited to your bank account.

Buy real Bitcoins offline

Although the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is a digital currency, you do not necessarily have to buy it over the Internet. You can also purchase the cryptocurrency offline for cash. You can buy Bitcoin offline quickly and inexpensively from private individuals. All you have to do is visit various platforms such as Such platforms arrange private meetings with merchants from your area.

Our recommendation: Buying Bitcoins offline offers various ways of exchanging information, which is the great advantage of offline purchases. However, this way Bitcoin trading can be very anonymous and unregulated. Whether your purchase or sale is ultimately profitable depends largely on your counterpart.

Conclusion: Your options in Bitcoin trading

Anyone wishing to participate in the performance of the digital currency Bitcoin has various options: Bitcoin trading is quick and easy via the purchase of Bitcoin CFDs or certificates. If you want to buy Bitcoin anonymously, you should first acquire a Bitcoin wallet and then use Bitcoin marketplaces or exchanges for your trading. You should only buy Bitcoin offline once you have reviewed the offer. Meetings among Bitcoin fans are particularly worthwhile for exchanging experiences with other traders.

Image by Icons8_team from Pixabay