Bitcoin: A digital revolution for digital games.

Bitcoin: A digital revolution for digital games

While some companies recognize the potential Bitcoin has to offer them, others do not. Being that it’s literally instant, isn’t subject to chargebacks, and is in itself digital, it’s hard to imagine why more online games haven’t taken to it. People love watching and playing games, this is just a given fact. Even if you say you’re not a gamer I’m sure you have a facebook game you play almost like ritual. A lot of people even spend money on games for in-game items, power-ups, and even lives. I’m sad to say I used to be addicted to Mafia Wars years ago.

So why don’t games accept Bitcoin for their non-existent virtual items? Zynga is already getting on board to the Bitcoin revolution, but why haven’t many more large social game developers hopped on ship? In reality these companies have nothing to lose other than a few man hours to implement the systems in their games to accept Bitcoin, which isn’t hard at all. I’m almost positive that their sales would increase largely due to the fact that most users of cryptocurrencies spend a majority of their time online as is. And what do we do in that spare time? We play games. You’re selling a digital item, why not accept a highly valuable digital currency?

I know I personally have purchased games from Humble Bundle with Bitcoin, along with a large number of other people. The gaming industry is huge, just look at how much. Branching out and offering the gaming community something they can get for Bitcoin, and solely in Bitcoin is ingenious. It would be a great marketing tactic for downloadable content, rare in game items, and more.

Give a person a reason and want to buy something, and they will go out of their way to buy it.