Bitcoin: Sells, Gains, and Profits. A look at my investments and strategies.

Bitcoin: Sells, Gains, and Profits. A look at my investments and strategies.

When I first started investing Bitcoin, it was new to me. Getting used to daytrading, investing, testing the legitimacy of website, all of it was just a job in its own. Spending countless hours researching, analyzing, making numerous test investments, all equating a time consuming chore.  Because of my meticulousness I rarely ever post information on companies I haven’t invested thousands of dollars into. I test each website for verification, researching them and documenting them for everyone to use as a reference for payment proof, etc.

So lets have a little rundown of where I’m investing and the amount / yields that are expected. Leancy Investment: 18 / 30 Days invested. Total Invested: 4.870 Bitcoin. Expected Return: 7.305 Bitcoin. Total Received: 2.485 Bitcoin.

With half of a month behind me, I am pleased to say I have received half of my initial investment back, still going strong. Leancy is currently one of my largest investments I have at the moment. I have received a little bit in referral commission, which part was sent back to the referrals for reinvestment. I do not mind profit sharing from time to time. Finmutual Investments: 10 / 160 Days invested. Total Invested: 0.100 Bitcoin. Expected Return: 0.288 Bitcoin. Total Received: 0.022 Bitcoin.

Finmutual is one of my newer investments, it was recommended by a user here and I figured I’d give it a shot. My returns won’t be as quick as Leancy due to this being a 160 day investment at 1.8% daily returns. You always have to have patience when dealing with longer duration investments. I will gradually start investing more with a portion of my profits from other investments. Alternate investments:

There are also three other HYIP companies I am testing at the moment. Two are currently paying while one has been nothing short of a scam, will update more on this one specific company closer to the end of the investment for more accurate results. I do not like mentioning any specific investment opportunity without testing them first, then follows my review of that specific investment / website.

On another note I recently started mining Unobtanium, I currently mine roughly 1 coin per day which is equivalent to 0.028 Bitcoin at current market price. This is great because with the difficulty of Bitcoin I am hardly mining 0.02 per day on average. I mined a couple and did a little trading on Cryptsy to come up with some quick gains: Unobtanium investments:

Purchased: 5.80 Unobtanium @ 0.014 Bitcoin per coin. Mined: 2.10 Unobtanium = 7.9 Sold: 7.9 Unobtanium @ 0.031 Bitcoin = 0.2449 Bitcoin.

Unobtanium over the last week exploded. Going from a low of 0.0045 Bitcoin to a high of 0.08 Bitcoin. With a rarity of 250,000 coins, I’m sure the price will continue to rise. The question is when will the market stabilize again?

To invest, or not to invest, that is the question. How I distribute my earnings:

When it comes to my mindset of when I begin to invest my funds, the main question I ask is “Can I afford to lose this?” If I can part with the loss comfortably, I do a test deposit of a little bit, once I receive some return, I up my deposits slowly. As I receive returns, I begin to calculate what I want to keep on hand, and what I want to send to Coinbase to sell off. Normally I take 1/3 of my investment and sell it off once I acquire it. With the fluctuating price of Bitcoin lately I would rather sell a little while keeping the bulk of my investment intact.

I take a small portion and use it to test other websites recommended to me. I use the profits still so I don’t run the risk of losing my bulk entirely. A have a tendency of putting most of my eggs in one basket, and putting into smaller ones as that basket fills.