Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin Investment

When it comes to investing Bitcoin, a lot of people are leery about it. Considering most investment sites turn out to be scams which you’ll never see your precious Bitcoin again. With Leancy I must admit I had my concerns at first, so I only invested what I could afford to lose. Always remember to only invest what you can afford to possibly lose.

More Leancy payment proof, 34 pages to be precise: Money Maker Group.

I didn’t test the withdrawal when I first hit the $1 withdraw limit as I wanted it to accumulate a little. Plus the added suspense of possibly not seeing my Bitcoin again made it kind of exciting. Once I hit the $200 mark I decided to test it to prove to everyone the withdrawals on Leancy are in fact real and instant. But before I get to that I’d like to thank the 3 active referrals I received from my blog readers!

Thank you for those who trusted and took a risk investing, as with any investment you take is a risk. Even when it comes to buying altcurrencies.

And on to the proof of the instant withdrawal! When I was withdrawing I must say my pulse was racing, I was eager to find out if I would in fact get my withdrawal. I admit I was hesistant on clicking the button, but I did and within an instant it said completed:

So I immediately booted up my wallet to check to see if I had in fact received the 0.2445 Bitcoin withdraw, wondering what type of fee was included in the withdrawal. To my surprise there was no fee, in fact I got every cent that I had accumulated to withdraw, it literally was instant. Just look at the timestamps.

I hope this proves to many that Leancy is in fact a current paying HYIP investment company that plans on staying around, considering the domain is registered for the next 7 years. For those of you who signed up under me and invested, I hope this offers a little peace of mind for you. As I know it offers a little peace of mind for me.

As always, stay safe, and happy investing.

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