Bitcoin: A few HYIP’s to avoid.

Bitcoin: A few HYIP’s to avoid.

When it comes to investing people take risks, I take risks for people so they can have some knowledge as to which places are safe to invest, and which aren’t. To date my blog has only listed some of the current paying HYIP’s. I’ve had a fair share of good luck finding HYIP’s that are paying out on my Bitcoin investments, and recently I’ve also come across a few that do not. Below are a few that I have invested in and have received some before all payments were abruptly stopped. In a way I do not mind as the risks I took were minimal, but still a loss regardless.

At first I only invested 0.1 into ix9, being paid that back with slight interest after two days I decided to invest again. That was 12 days ago today. Total invested:

0.21 Bitcoin Total ROI: 0.00 Total loss incurred: 0.21 Bitcoin

Engineer-INV at first paid well, sending and receiving a total of 8 Litecoin for a return of 9.6. I had invested numerous times with them and received both Bitcoin and Litecoin from them up until about my fourth time investing. My last investment of 4 Litecoin was never returned, it has been over a week since I’ve had any word from this company. Total invested:

0.1 Bitcoin, 8 Litecoin Total ROI: 0.14 Bitcoin, 5.95 Litecoin Total loss incurred: 2.05 Litecoin

So far my earnings have far exceeded my losses, and the losses I have incurred here are from my profits I’ve earned from other investments. One of the strategies I use while investing is always use 1/3 of my total profit to re-invest or to try a newer investment. I tend to attempt to allocate my funds as best as possible, to minimize substantial losses and to keep my income coming. Normally I have about 4 or 5 open investments into various HYIP’s, testing them out and to earn small gains at the same time.

I will make a post on ways to properly allocate your investing funds in my next article. Till then, stay safe and happy investing!