Decentralized finance for a beginner

Decentralized finance for a beginner

Actively talking about decentralized finance began not so long ago: this trend was especially noticeable in 2019. Now it continues to gain momentum – innovative technologies and economy of the future are of interest to many people.

What is DeFi

Decentralized finance is an independent financial ecosystem that gives users full control over their money: without participation of governments and banks. Blockchain technologies have played a key role in implementation of this industry.

Interaction in decentralized ecosystems takes place without intermediaries according to the P2P scheme, market participants independently cope with transactions. This:

  1. Saves time;
  2. Saves money;
  3. Allows you to keep your privacy.


MoneyClip is an easy to use and flexible digital wallet that makes it easy to access the world of DeFi.

No hidden fees or recurring payments. People can spend them whenever they want without asking permission.

MoneyClip is a wallet and all the money is available at any time – no blocking period. Everything is always in complete control.


  • The money is encrypted and stored inside the phone’s native keychain, not in the cloud
  • The payments are verified and protected by the blockchain
  • People use encrypted communication lines to help protecting financial information
  • The money is protected by industry leading solutions

MoneyClip can be used on a Seamless platform, the protocols of which allow to use financial instruments that are specifically designed to increase liquidity and exploit volatility of crypto assets through risk reduction products such as investments, loans, hedging, options, trading and more.


Cryptocurrency trading has been popular for a long time, and the world knows dozens of other trading platforms with different currencies in the listing and trading instruments.

Decentralized exchanges operate without participation of the administration, traders enter into a P2P relationship. Funds are not stored on the site’s wallets, which is also of great importance.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay