The Most Promising ICOs in 2018

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Right after the first cryptocurrency was introduced, the world has changed. Today, those who want to make money in the new era of high technologies, are either investing in promising ICOs or launching them. It is up to you which path to take. Just note that if you have plans to launch your ICO, ICO lawyers and attorneys from IBC Group will help you with the paperwork and legalities to ensure all necessary considerations are addressed.

Another way is to invest in ICOs. Before you do so, make sure to visit to understand everything that surrounds this astounding phenomenon. Right after, you can learn about the most promising ICO’s in 2018. Here they are:


Most of the crypto-enthusiasts are already familiar to Telegram app. So, it is not a surprise that TON is shortened for Telegram Open Network.

The idea here is simple: make blockchains more easily accessible by giving them a common foundation. The emphasis is on the speed and capability, wide base of users and great intuitive interface.

As you can guess, TON will be integrated to the Telegram app, providing a direct access to a wide audience of more than 200 million monthly users.


It is hard to find a person who has not hear about Kodak. What is more, most of the millennials have owned or at least used Kodak camera. Today, the company continues its exciting journey to a digital world by launching KODAKCoin.

As you can guess, KODAKCoin is designed to protect photographers’ digital rights using blockchain. The idea is to make every photo traceable by adding a creator’s info to it.


Cointed company has not just an idea, but a mission. And, to be honest, it sounds very attractive: to make using crypto be as simple as a credit card. The company has already set up a network of Crypto ATM machines in Austria and several other European countries. So it is not a surprise that it attracts both investors and ordinary users.