Bitcoin: Ro-Invest. Profit sharing, diversity, and gains.

Bitcoin: Ro-Invest. Profit sharing, diversity, and gains.

It’s been a great week for me in the sense of my website is slowly gaining more traffic, and I’m enjoying publishing content to my small reader base. It has been a rocky week for me, from learning I was recently hacked for 13 Bitcoin, to reaching over 700 unique viewers in a weeks time. On the bright side of things, in just a week I was able to accumulate almost 16 GHS on

from day trading and reinvesting all mining profits into buying more GHS. On average I will now gain roughly 0.1 GHS per day by reinvesting my mining profits alone. In essence bringing me + $0.02 in profit per day.

Weekly overview:

– 13.00 Bitcoin
+ 15.5 GHS = 0.72 Bitcoin.
+ 0.15 mined Bitcoin.
0 Donations.

Total net loss after subtracting my weekly gains: – 12.13 BTC

So overall considering the substantial loss, I’m doing fairly well for only a week into blogging. During the upcoming week I will be looking into a users referral Zetacoin, as I have not had the funds to buy into it yet, but I will use a small amount of my mining income to purchase a few and write an article on it.

On a bright note, once I hit my mark of -10 Bitcoin I will be ordering my wonderful girlfriend her engagement ring from Overstock since they are now accepting Bitcoin. Click the link and tell me what you think. It is one of the main reasons I found out about my loss of 13 Bitcoin, as I was going to order it when I found out my wallet was emptied. Anti-virus and encrypted wallets were promptly installed following. Holding Bitcoin is different than your money being held in a bank, as sometimes we lack the high end security to keep our money and investments safe. Always remember to password protect your wallets and have an up to date anti-virus running at all times. Coming next week:
Updates on Scrypt Cloud.
New investing opportunities + strategies.
Reviews on certain websites and services.
Giveaways and promotions.
Whatever else comes to mind.